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An Eternal Exchange

How can one be dead and yet living?

A question asked with earnest desire to know

Life apparent in my lungs

Yet fully absent in my soul

A truth not yet known

Water from a well I had not drawn

Living in this kingdom

All of which I saw not one thing wrong

Many steps taken in this place

That of which I knew not

Yet remaining in the darkness

An exchange complete and fully bought

Currency not known

In the domain where I was residing

A bank transfer I take no part

You are where my heart one day would be abiding

He has delivered me from darkness

And transferred me to the light

A decision I made not on my own

Yet undeserving, He alone made me right

In whom I have redemption

All that which was both broken and lost

You plucked me out of death

New life, you bore my cost

Underserving and yet given

Abundant grace and rich mercy are yours

I've been transferred from that place of dusk

A crown of a daughter I've been adorned

That life has now been buried

Your water now washed me clean

I've been baptized with Him who had no fault

Both fully loved and fully seen

Newness of life is apparent

But by no work of my own

I've found the rest my soul desired

My feet found planted at your throne

You've plucked me out of darkness

And transferred me to light

Cancelled the record of my debt

Through Him, I'm now the righteousness in your sight

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